A Hollywood Tour I Will Never Forget

Okay, I admit that I can act like a fan girl at times even though I am nearly 40 years old. I had a recent opportunity to go to Hollywood for business. I decided that I would stay a few extra days, because I had no idea if I would ever get the opportunity to go back there again. I wanted to shop, eat magnificent food, and take in one of the Hollywood tours that are often shown in campy TV sitcoms. I wanted all of that without the campy part, which is how I found myself looking at the different tour packages that Star Track Tours offers.

I did look at the different tours that were running while I would be there, and the ones by Star Track looked to be the best. There were three different tours I could take, including the Hollywood Tour that would take me right by the houses that some of the most famous people in the world live. I hesitated at first, thinking it might be a breach of privacy, but then I realized that it is just one of the prices that they must pay for being in the public eye.

They make a lot of money by people like me buying the products that they sell, the movies they make and the songs they sing. So, if I wanted to see where they live, then that it is my right since I wouldn’t be bothering any of them. I chose the day tour because I did not want to miss a minute of what I was seeing. I know there are lights at night, but I just felt I would see a lot more in the daytime. I think my favorite house was the one where Lucille Ball had lived. The grounds are kept so nice, and I must have taken two dozen pictures just there!

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