A Party Bus for Our Wedding Day

I didn’t want a lot of things for my wedding. When I asked my fiance what he would like, he said it was all up to me. He knew that weddings are something girls dream of more than boys, and he was right. I had been planning my wedding for years, even though I didn’t have a boyfriend for most of that time! Anyway, by the time I was actually engaged to be married, my ideas had gotten a lot simpler. The one thing I did want though was a wedding party bus rental because I wanted everyone to be comfortable.

Some girls may dream of having a huge wedding with hundreds of guests, but I just wanted to have my family and close friends there. That is about 40 people total. I also knew that I wanted to get married at our church, and I wanted to have a small dinner reception at my favorite restaurant which is about 90 minutes away. I decided that it would be fun to have our pastor marry us, then we could have a small informal reception at the church with tea, juice and cookies. We could change into something more casual then.

We would then all board the party bus, where we would be driven to the restaurant. After spending a couple of hours there, the party bus would drop everyone back off at the church, and then drop me and my husband off at a bed and breakfast for the weekend. That would just be so much nicer to spend the entire time with family and friends up until we went to the bed and breakfast. It might be a typical wedding celebration, but it is exactly what I wanted. Everyone else agreed that it was perfect too, so that is exactly what we did.

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