Amsterdam Special Moments and Events in 2013


Visiting Netherlands in 2013 must be the perfect chosen time because special things happen this year. It means, if you have a plan to go to Netherlands this year, you are on the right line.

  1. Reopening of the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. In 2013, both museums are about to have special moments. After ten years of renovation, the Rijksmuseum is about to reopen for public early on April 2013. On May 2013, Van Gogh Museum is about to have the same moment of reopening after extensive renovation. Besides, it is the 40th anniversary of Van Gogh Museum.
  2. Unique-number Celebrations. Well, 2013 is the year of special celebrations because of some popular sites of the city will celebrate special anniversaries. It is the 125th anniversary of Concertgebouw, the 175th anniversary of Artis Zoo, the 225th anniversary of Felix Meritis, and the 400th anniversary of the Amsterdam canal belt. It is clear that Amsterdam is going to conduct special events based on the celebrations above.

Well, it is the best time to go to Amsterdam to enjoy a lot of big events there in 2013. Besides, the city is still the most popular destination in Netherlands to visit even if there is no special event conducted in the city. Make your plan to go there and join the celebrations of the city.

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