Fine Restaurants in Paris

Le Bistrot d’ Andre

An important and interesting moment you should experience whenever you visit a country for vacation is tasting the special food served in the country.  Finding fine restaurants should be an important hunt to do by any tourists who are visiting a new destination. If Paris is your next destination, it must be great to have recommendation where to hunt fine food in the city.

  • Chartier. Fine traditional meals at affordable prices are the best thing you can get here. Another special thing is the beautiful decoration of the restaurant where 300 seats are available for the visitors.
  • Chez Stella. This is a restaurant, located near the Opera Garnier, provides tasty salads and traditional food on the budget. With only about $16, you can get three-course meals. However, reservation is a must for this one.
  • Le Bistrot d’ Andre. It is known as the restaurant with fine old France cuisine. The location is great near the Parc Andre Citroen, great spot with automobile decoration.

There are still a lot of choices of restaurants you can find easily in Paris with various range of prices. However, having an experience in tasting fine food, traditional or modern one, must be the best you can get while visiting a country for vacation.

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