Five Must Visit Destinations in Greece


Travelling to Greece, we will understand how awesome ancient people were in architecture. Thousands of old buildings really show their clever ideas and perfect measurement in constructing wonderful constructions. Besides, natural landscapes including mountains, hills, and beaches are powerful reasons to make the country as the most interesting one to visit. Well, the list below consists of five must visit destinations in Greece.

  1. Athens. Visiting Greece without standing your feet on the site of The Acropolis must be incomplete. This one is the symbol of the country where the great Parthenon has stood for thousands of year.
  2. Santorini. The volcanic island of Santorini offers a complexity of beauty. Enjoying sunset and experiencing the uniqueness of white washed houses on the island with active volcano must be memorable for you.
  3. Myrtos Beach. Describing Myrtos beauty of the beach could be so difficult for you because it is so perfect with the blue sea water, white sandy beach combined with marble pebbles.
  4. Delphi Theatre. It was the most important religious site in the ancient time. It was the home of sanctuary and oracle of Apollo.
  5. Mykonos. This is a famous cosmopolitan in Greece you cannot miss. It is one of the most popular destinations in Greece and the perfect place to end your journey in the country.

Out of the five destinations above, there still some important and interesting destinations you can visit in Greece. It is a perfect country to see how civilization and nature could really create beautiful combination.

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