Fun Things in Bucharest, Romania


Visiting Romania without staying for a while in Bucharest could be a big mistake to do. This is the most visited city in the country with various interesting attractions. Here we go to Bucharest.

  • Cismigiu Garden. This is a garden where you should spend your time at least an hour. Walking around the garden, you will be able to enjoy the moment of interacting with local people because they spend their times here to meet friends for nice talks. There are some interesting activities to do here such as rowboat and fishing pond.
  • Lipscani. The area of Lipscani is the perfect one to find fine meals or drinks. Many visitors spend their nights here in restaurants and pubs. Besides, it is also a good one for shopping.
  • Calea Victoriei. For ladies who love hunting beautiful outfits, the Calea Victorieri is the best one to visit. The Galleries Lafayette, known now as Victoria store, is the best one to buy outfits brought from Paris.
  • Obor Market. This is a market for you vegetables and fruits lovers. The beautiful ladies who grow the local vegetables and fruits will grab your hand to make an offer. It is quite fun to feel the crowd here.

Well, visiting Bucharest is a must for you who travel to Romania. However, Bucharest is not the interesting one to visit because there are many more attractions you can enjoy. Even if you want to learn the mystery of Dracula, the Bran Castle is in the country waiting for you to come.

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