Great Business Trip, Stay the Night at One King West Hotel & Residence

One King West Hotel & Residence will always be the best place to stay the night in Toronto, whenever you come to this largest town in Canada for your business trip. The hospitality will welcome you warmly, and you will get a personalized service during your stay in the hotel, no matter if you are in town for a moment or a long time.

This hotel and residence is built in a strategic link from downtown to do your business with entertainment district, where you can go sightseeing or shopping. The hotel is an Ontario Heritage building which is originally built back in the late 1800s, and was actually the building of the head office of Dominion Bank. However, the classic yet timeless architecture of the building matches well with its interior design, which is modern, making the hotel and residence one of the most unique Hotels Toronto.

Toronto, as the fourth largest city in North America, is a city full of life. Therefore, along with the development of the city, the hotel becomes such a new home for you. It is not only while in business trip you are welcomed by the warm service; enjoy your night in this hotel after traveling, and wash your tiredness away.

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