History of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa or the simply Tower of Pisa is actually the bell tower of a cathedral of Pisa, Piazza dei Miracolli. It is located behind the cathedral and one of its three oldest structures. The Tower of Pisa is very famous as one of Seven Wonders of the World as well as UNESCO World Heritage for its classical architecture and especially its leaning state of the building.

The tower was constructed as a part of the cathedral. Started its construction on August 1173, the Torre pendente di Pisa (its Italian name) was interrupted by several wars. When it was firstly built, the tower was used as the symbol of the wealth and the power of Pisa which was well known as one of the strongest and powerful cities of Italy.

After its five years of building, the tower started to tilt to southwest. This phenomenon was due to the soft ground in which the building was built on, and also it’s poor foundation (only three meters deep for 55.86 m of building height). The unstable subsoil also causes the foundation to shift to particular direction.

The construction was however completed in 1372, and having undergone several restorations before it was declared ‘stable’ on December 2001.

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