I Met This Girl at Work

I got involved with these girls at work the other day, of course I was trying to get this one girl to go out with me. At any rate I realized that they were talking about a bachelorette party, because they were checking out this site. It is a place that rents limousines and especially party buses. They have all sorts of them, the biggest of them will hold around forty five people. Of course that is going to be enough for a lot of parties, but some of them are going to be way too big for that and this was the issue they were having. This is apparently going to be a lot of girls, but they were not really eager to talk to me about it. Of course it was of great interest to me, since these girls are all going to be out on the town drinking and probably doing a lot of things that they would not do if they were sober.

In fact I am definitely not invited, but I get the feeling that this girl is willing to give me a shot. However I am not thinking that she is eager to go out with me and that is always a bad thing. A girl seems to decide how far a relationship is going to go almost from the very first, or at least that is how it seems to me. So if you have to coax a girl into going out with you it may well mean that you are wasting your time. Obviously they like to make you work to get where you want to be, but they usually know where they want things to go from the very first. It is just hard to see this working out like I would like.

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