Interesting Sweden in winter


Having a plan to go for vacation this winter, Sweden must be listed on your vacation list of destination. Why winter? Well, Sweden is one of the most charming countries to visit in winter. Some interesting attractions exist here in winter that you cannot miss at all. Here we go!

  • Skiing in Are and Riksgränsen. Sweden is the perfect skiing place either you are professional or beginner. Are and Riksgränsen are the best spots to have fun on white snow.
  • Snowmobile. It is an interesting activity you can do in Sweden. Guided snowboarding in Lapland gives you the chance of exploring the wild of Sweden.
  • Icehotel. This is the best one you can do in Sweden during winter. The whole parts of the hotel, including the glasses on the ice tables, are made from snow and ice blocks taken from Torne River. This is the very first and the biggest ice hotels in the world. In addition, staying at the Icehotel, you will have a great opportunity to enjoy the Aurora Borealis at night.

Those are interesting attractions you can enjoy in Sweden. Just to remind you, you should also visit Stockholm because this is the most popular and visited city in the country.

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