My Buddy Introduced Me to the Great Company He Works for

I stumbled across when I was looking around at a friend’s social media page. It happened to be that my friend was an employee at the company, and he just wanted to give a shout out to let everyone know how much he likes working there and what the company has to offer. I knew where he worked, but I had never seen the busses in person or even in photos, so I had no idea how nice they were.

When I first heard about where my friend worked, I pictured him driving around one of those massive busses that people travel in from state to state. I had no idea that he was driving around a luxurious vehicle with an interior that blows away even some of the best sports cars that are out of price range for the average person. These things are state of the art and really hip. I called him up and told him that I was interested in renting one. He said that he would be glad to be our driver. All I needed to do was to call the company to make the reservation and to ask for him specifically.

I ended up taking out an entire group of friends on our outing with my friend as the driver. I felt a little bad that he was at the wheel, instead of hanging out with us, but he said that he has no remorse because he loves his job. Not only that, everyone can sit near him, talk to him, and keep him company while he drives. Seems like a pretty fun job to me. He drove us out to the beach. We partied on the way there, and then got out to play volleyball and hang out for awhile. Afterward, we partied some more, and he took us to a swanky restaurant. It was a nice way to end the night.

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