Portugal’s Must Visit Beaches


Visiting Portugal, you will be offered various interesting attractions from historical buildings, fine traditions, and beautiful beaches in this relatively European small country. This is a perfect destination for family, history lovers, and even the teens and adults. For the tourists who love beaches as the destination, there are two must visit beaches in Portugal.

  1. Algarve. Algarve is the most popular beach destination in Portugal. Beautiful beach with white sand lies along combined with awesome rocks formation are the best ever in the country. Another best thing is that the tourists visiting Algarve will surely enjoy the moment with local citizens. Besides, the destination offers many fine seashore restaurants, local markets and of course modern malls. With all of the offers, the Algarve is successful in inviting more and more people to come each year.
  2. Porto Santo. It could be difficult enough to find Porto Santo on your vacation “map”. However, it is the best destination because only few tourists visit the beach regularly. It means that the situation will be so calm that you will love so much. For your stay, you can find whitewashed villas for rent on the area in the classic Portuguese town, Vila Baleira.

There is no doubt that Portugal is charming for many people to come even you. Find more information about Portugal and other destinations in Europe to arrange the best vacation ever.

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