Spending Quality Times with Friends

When a group of us started talking about having a fun night out, none of us could decide on what we wanted to do. It was a rare night when we could all get together, so we wanted to make it special. Part of the problem with that though is having to pick people to be designated drivers, because none of us wanted to be irresponsible by drinking and then driving. That is how we finally started talking about renting a party bus. I went to http://platinumpartybusrentaltoronto.com after doing a quick search to see how much it would cost to rent one.

All of us have great jobs, so we knew that it would more than likely be affordable for us, especially splitting the cost in so many different ways. There were around 20 of us that wanted to go out and have fun together, and we were able to get a party bus that holds 22 people at a really great price. We already knew some of the places that we wanted to go, but we actually had a lot more fun in the bus than we did any of those places.

It was nice to just be able to sit down and relax, not having to worry about traffic, designated drivers, parking or anything else. The seats are a lot more comfortable than what you find in most bars too! We listened to music, was able to watch a bit of TV since a ball game was on, and those who wanted to dance actually had the room to do so. We had so much fun on the bus that we decided any time we are all able to get the same night off again, we are going to do this. Spending times like this with friends really doesn’t get any better.

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