Switzerland, the Country of Lakes and Icy Mountains

What makes vacationing in Switzerland unique, compared to another country? Lots can be added for the answer, but for starters, Switzerland has a magnificent landscape, particularly its lakes, which are said to contain 6% of the Europe’s fresh water reserves. You can even drink fresh water straight from the mountain springs, which is no doubt add to another attraction that cannot be overlooked. Not to mention the fresh mountain that clear of pollution, invigorating you to start a whole new adventure. Interested in visiting Switzerland? Curious about tips and tricks of the trip? Just continue reading this article and you’ll find out.

There are many travel agencies offering different kinds of package for vacation, and that makes the ability to choose rightly among those various offers really important. MakeMyTrip offers several packages that can be looked upon, but one of the favorites is the family package. This package allows you to venture over the best landscape and spot of Switzerland Tourism, you’ll visit Lucerne, the city of lights, Interlaken, a classic town of the Swiss, which located on top of an alluvial plain of the Bernese Oberland, between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, which beauty are secret to no one. See the beauty of Jungfraujoch, central Switzerland highest peak, and get amazed at the marvel at scenery changes of alpine, all just for INR 89,990.

Those not to mention the number of activities you can engage yourself in, like paragliding, schlittada run, flying fox, snowshoe tours, titlis-rotair, riding Centovalli express,snow tubing, and boat ride. Plus, you can do all those activities in various places that more than appealing to the eyes. MakeMyTrip takes care things for you, with packages and a predefined list of activities, what can you do than to enjoy your trip without the slightest care of the world? Nothing, except to enjoy it more, and more.

Still need a bit more persuasion? Why not try visiting MakeMyTrip website than play the game. A reality game designed especially for those who love or curious about skiing, with experience as close as the real thing. Two prizes are being offered for different kind of winning. First, you can score at least one star and you’ll receive MakeMyTrip International voucher for a holiday. Second, finish the game and your possibility of winning a Free Swiss trip (yes, you heard it right; a free trip to Switzerland). Cool, right? Most definitely. So what are you waiting for? Grab your luggage (metaphorically) and start organizing your trip together with MakeMyTrip.

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