The Most Interesting Attraction in Barcelona and Madrid

Barcelona Madrid

We must have the same agreement about Spain. This is one of world’s best tourist destinations. And talking about Spain, you cannot forget two major cities in the country where you can enjoy the Spanish’s characters, desires, madness, and of course life. Well, Madrid and Barcelona must be the best cities for you to find those things even in a single moment.  What I mean here is their fanaticism in soccer.

Whether you love soccer or not, visiting one of the cities on the weekend will surely give you the experience of feeling how important soccer is for the Spanish. Of course you should pay attention to the schedule of the matches of the competition of La Liga, today’s biggest soccer league in the world. Based on the idea, my suggestion for you is you should try to catch the moment of watching the biggest and the hottest match in the world of soccer, the El Clasico. Well, when Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have to meet on the soccer field, this is the moment you wait for.

Because thousands of people want to be the part of the game, you really need to find the ticket first if you want to be the witness of most interesting 90 minutes of soccer game. Once you can get in one of the stadiums of the cities for watching, you will never forget the moment and you will always tell your friends about it.

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