Three Ways for Keeping the Kids Occupied During Long Trips in the Vehicle

Traveling long distances with children in the vehicle can be a challenge because they tend to get bored very quickly. Regardless of the age of the children, if they become anxious and cranky in the back seats, it can make that road trip feel like it is a hundred times longer than it really is. Here are the top three ways for keeping kids occupied during long trips in the vehicle.

The Ultimate Reward

What kid doesn’t love a challenge, especially one that comes with a special reward if they win. This tip will help to occupy the kids for quite a long time and will get everyone to spend a little quality time together rather than counting the miles until the trip is over. Games like object bingo can really help to pass the hours much more quickly. If you don’t already have game boards, let the kids have some paper and pens and draw a few boards with different objects on them. Then as you are traveling down the road, whenever they spot a helicopter, airplane, motorcycle, river, or any objects they drew on the boards, they can mark them off. The first one to bingo wins a special prize like ice cream or a treat the next time you stop for fuel.

Plug and Play

Many kids today have smartphones and mobile devices that they love to play, but keeping them charged on a long road trip can be a challenge. Rather than use your vehicle, why not hire a car that comes will multiple charging outlets and possible a DVD player. When the kids aren’t surfing the web or playing their favorite games online, you can put a movie in the player and let that occupy a few hours of the trip. Movies are a fun way to keep all the kids focused and more relaxed, especially during trips where they can easily become bored.

Puzzle Books

Kids today are so used to playing online that many have never experienced the thrill of doing a real crossword puzzle, coloring, or word search games. These puzzle books are available at just about any store and you can buy a half dozen of them for a few dollars. Grab a few boxes of crayons and let the kids each have their own book. These little books can easily help to pass the hours.

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