UK Tourist Destinations – Scotland


If you think that visiting United Kingdom is only about visiting major cities in England, you may need to look at the surrounding area because London, Liverpool and Manchester are getting more crowded even though those cities are still the most recommended ones to visit in United Kingdom. If you agree about it, Scotland should be the one on your list.

Scotland is a country with strong historical background. It means that the main attractions you can find here are related to the history including the buildings, culture and the tradition. There are at least two cities you should visit in Scotland.

  • Edinburgh. The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a must visit city in the country. There are a lot of attractions you can enjoy in the city such as Edinburgh Castle, Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Hogmanay celebration when you can be the one of 80,000 visitors.
  • Glasgow. This is the largest city in Scotland beside Edinburg. What makes the city recommended to explore is the easy transportation in the city. Kelvingrove Museum and Victorian Necropolis are the interesting attractions to have here. This city is the gateway to the Highlands of Scotland.

Besides those two cities, there are some interesting places you can visit during your vacation in Scotland such as Stirlingshire. Enjoy your time there!

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